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BuyLifeInsurance.Miami is your online insurance resource.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida and part of Decision Tree Financial (Fl Lic#L087789), BuyLifeInsurance.Miami was started in 2017 after its founder Kevin Wenke fought esophageal cancer – his second time fighting cancer.

“The first time I had cancer in 2003 I didn’t have the right insurance coverage in place. I was 31 years-old and healthy so the thought of putting an insurance plan in place was just about the furthest thing from my mind.

“Obviously, I beat cancer that first time but the emotional and physical impact the disease stressed-out my family and caused me to lose my businesses. I was financially devastated.”

This experience, and the helplessness that he felt then, was the catalyst that pushed Kevin to enter the financial service business, eventually starting Decision Tree Financial in 2009.

“Since I started in the financial business my focus has always been about protection. I understand first hand the regret of not having the right strategies in place and I don’t want anyone to have to go through those same experiences.”

Unfortunately, the radiation treatment from his first cancer battle in 2003 contributed to his illness in 2016.

“Luckily,” Kevin says, “I learned from my earlier oversights to become my own best client. When you get a disease like esophageal cancer, a disease that Google said had only a 5% survival rate, you realize what is important and everything else takes a back-seat.

I knew I had a fight on my hands. A big difference with the second time that really made a difference in the outcome was that I had protections in place.

I had critical illness insurance that paid my family tens of thousands of dollars and allowed us to consult with the best doctors in Florida, Maryland, Texas and New York. I had excellent health insurance coverage that financially covered all of my procedures. I had income replacement insurance that pays all the bills and of course I had life insurance that, I definitely didn’t want to use.

Knowing that I had coverage in place allowed me to focus on fighting my disease without worrying about whether my family would being taken care of IF I didn’t make it. I believe this peace of mind was one of the biggest factors in the beating the odds and surviving to share my story with you today.”

BuyLifeInsurance.Miami’s purpose is to inspire people to get the insurance coverage they need to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their business.

Since 2003 the protection experts at BuyLifeInsurance.Miami have helped its clients obtain hundreds of millions of dollars of life insurance coverage and generate tens of millions of dollars in guaranteed incomes.

Finding the right life insurance can be a stress-free experience at BuyLifeInsurance.Miami

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